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I have been experiencing the power of these coaching tools and concepts for over a decade. They really work.

Charles J. Palus, PhD, Senior Faculty, The Center for Creative Leadership, USA


After having been a beneficiary of team coaching both as a team member and later the team leader, I highly appreciate its powerful impact on the development of a high performance team. At times I didn’t feel the team coach’s presence during my team development workshops and yet the impact can be felt through his ‘gentle, yet just-in-time interventions’.

Grace Lau PhD, Zone Leader, Taiwan & Hong Kong, Merck Sharp & Dohme


Through team coaching, we aim at improving the results of several high schools with low performance and students coming from underprivileged areas. In an environment where people are not used to listening to each other, there is no other way then being gentle and firm at the same time, which is quite a challenge.

Simona David-Crisbășanu, Project Coordinator “Education Through Coaching Project” – Romania


My exposure to LIM dates back to the 1990’s. Like good wine, the ARL approach just gets better with time.

Grace Nakar, Enterprise Program Manager for Diversity & Inclusion, major U.S. financial services enterprise


LIM’s team coaching has the power to influence many people in the organization. Once a small group of people master it, people start coaching others spontaneously and trigger a positive spiral in the organization to grow further by themselves.

Yasushi Matsuo VP, Head of R&D Japan AstraZeneca


It was possible to build an engaged and motivated work environment, people really felt to give everything for the team and company. I managed to make great strides in the direction of organizational culture change, positive feedback received from inside and outside the company. A fundamental change in personal financial motivation: correctly and motivating recognize of employees contributions , with the following engagement, skills and results improvement. The introduction of this concept brought immediate effect. We managed to valorize learning and continuous professional training within the organization at different levels and learned to turn a failure / error of the team members into a lesson from which to learn and be better for the future. We learned how important is to help every team member to become more confident and competent, and improve self-awareness about anyone’s role. The company has managed to make significant strides in changing the mentality and attitude of employees, the involvement and understanding of the need and how to work in a modern leadership way.

Irinel Tofan, General Manager, Conest Iasi, Romania


Introduced to Action Reflection Learning five years ago, I have since and many times witnessed the astonishing impact that these amazingly simple 10 principles have on team coaching and team development. From my experience, either on small groups or large multicultural, international teams, it works.

Laurent F Hennequin, Head of Department – Galderma, France


I have had the pleasure to work with Leadership in International Management (LIM) since 2008 on two occasions to develop the leaders in the Asia Research & Development (R&D) organization in AstraZeneca (AZ).

Participants of the two sessions totaled approximately 50 high potentials and talents from Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

I am very impressed with the high degree of professionalism of the LIM Consultants, in particular Ernie Turner and Willie Anderson. Their philosophy of co-designing interventions with their clients, embarking on a journey of learning together, and enabling the clients to attain a sense of ownership of the program design and execution is unique, very effective and outstanding in its simplicity and impact.

From the participants’ viewpoint, an important factor in the development programs is the opportunity for participants to work with senior leaders in the organization to provide solutions to real-life business challenges. This was done in a safe and learning environment, following closely the Action Reflection Learning (ARL) principles. Feedback from colleagues who attended these programs have been extremely positive and I know that many of them are still using these principles regularly within their daily work.

Choy Kiew Ho - Director, Program Management and Strategy Asia and Emerging Markets R&D AstraZeneca Global R&D


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