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  • LIM News 42

    ACTION REFLECTION LEARNING IN THAILAND – DEFYING CULTURAL DIFFERENCES – Excerpt of a case published in “Action Learning and Action Research” (*). The chapter describes an ARL™ experience with the Thailand-based executive team of a multinational company. The CEO, the only Western executive, who had spent three years in that function, had been appointed CEO in another country. He was interested in…

  • LIM News 50

    LEARNING THAT LASTS – This article recaps conversations with clients and colleagues about this question when discussing leadership development and team development. Hear what has been done to support individuals to go from awareness to sustainable changed behavior.

  • LIM News 64

    WAYS TO DESIGN FOR AND MINE INCIDENTAL LEARNING – This month, Ernie Turner addresses the topic of “Incidental Learning”, what it is, how we can design for it in order to capture the gold nuggets from daily learning opportunities.

  • LIM News 70

    ACTION REFLECTION LEARNING – The history behind ARL, the Scandinavian origins, the evolution of the model from a leadership development design to an adult learning methodology that can be applied to a variety of learning interventions.

  • LIM News 71

    LEARNING ORGANIZATIONS: FROM THEORY TO PRACTICE – We explore the meaning, challenges and practices of learning organizations with our guest, Jonelle Rodericks, OD specialist and Global Change Management Consultant at Hoffmann-La Roche, New Jersey, USA.

  • LIM News 72

    A SYSTEMIC PERSPECTIVE FOR LASTING LEARNING – Why doesn’t learning last? What learning should last? Is it easier for some learning to last while other learning doesn’t? And how can we design programs that increase the chances for lasting learning? These are the questions that we explore in this issue.

  • LIM News 85

    UNDERSTANDING ACTION LEARNING: AN INTERVIEW WITH AUTHOR DR. JUDY O’NEIL – In this issue we interviewed Dr. Judy O’Neil, co-author with Prof. Victoria Marsick of their newly released book Understanding Action Learning.

  • LIM News 90

    ACTION LEARNING & ACTION REFLECTION LEARNING – Our book Action Reflection Learning: Solving Real Business Problems by Connecting Learning with Earning will be out in February. As we talk about it, we have heard over and over the same question: What is the difference between Action Learning and ARL? Is there any difference? Is it just a branding issue? So we decided to address this question in this month’s article.

  • LIM News 92

    ACTION REFLECTION LEARNING IN ACTION: WORKING ON CRITICAL BUSINESS CHALLENGES WHILE DEVELOPING LEADERS – Action Reflection Learning has been used for decades in the design and implementation of all kind of learning interventions. One typical instance is as the underlying methodology to develop an organization’s leaders, while they work on real challenges that require action. This month we are featuring an interview with Learning Coach Nancy Rehbine, PhD, who conducted such a program in a large retail organization in Puerto Rico.

  • LIM News 93

    ACTION LEARNING: PRACTICES, PROBLEMS & PROSPECTS – This issue features an extract of the first International Action Learning Conference, held at the Henley Management College, in the UK, a few weeks ago.

  • LIM News 103

    OPTIMIZING LEARNING – In this issue we explore what lies at the foundation of un-engaging conversations and failed training sessions.

  • LIM News 115

    THE BUSINESS OATH – We may have reached a tipping point where we collectively say “enough”, and we are changing the rules of the game. Read this month’s issue to find out why.

  • LIM News 137

    WHEN MISTAKES ARE BRILLIANT – In the spirit of learning of our own experience, we’re sharing an interview with author Paul Schoemaker about his new book Brilliant Mistakes (Wharton Digital Press, Nov 2011).  

  • LIM News 77

    CONFLICTS AND MEDIATION – This issue is dedicated to conflicts and the healing power of mediation.

  • LIM News 88

    ACTION REFLECTION LEARNING IN THAILAND – DEFYING CULTURAL DIFFERENCES – Excerpt of a case published in “Action Learning and Action Research” (*). The chapter describes an ARL™ experience with the Thailand-based executive team of a multinational company. The CEO, the only Western executive, who had spent three years in that function, had been appointed CEO in another country. He was interested in…

  • LIM News 100

    TIME TO GIVE – Isabel Rimanoczy’s reflections go to giving. We hope this might lead to you finding ideas, inspiration, and passing them on to others..

  • LIM News 101

    DELIBERATE SPEED – Two true stories about a process to solve a crisis.

  • LIM News 102

    THE SHIFT – In the midst of so much confusion, it’s perhaps appropriate to step outside our daily concerns, and to try to take a more objective view of our predicament. What is the larger picture we are missing?

  • LIM News 103

    LAYOFFS AND CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – With news of layoffs numbering in the thousands daily on the radio and on TV, what meaning are we collectively making of this unprecedented situation?.

  • LIM News 106

    THE RESCUE PACKAGE – The voices of several citizens articulating how they are dealing with the impact of the economic crisis inspired me to reflect on the Rescue Package, and to share my thoughts with you..  

  • LIM News 58

    HOW CAN I ACHIEVE CULTURAL CHANGE? – A recent case that reminded us of what makes implementation difficult, and what are some of the simple, obvious details that we should have anticipated.  

  • LIM News 22

    POLARITY MANAGEMENT – Working with Dilemmas

  • LIM News 35

    THE CHANGE CYCLE – we understand learning as a change of behaviors…

  • LIM News 32

    PAUSE AND REFLECT, Selected Extracts from The Tao at Work, by Stanley M. Herman

  • LIM News 37

    TIME MANAGEMENT: THE ART OF THE EFFECTIVE USE OF TIME– The amount of time available in a day is the same for everyone. Some just make better use of their twenty-four hours than others

  • LIM News 44

    AN ORGANIZATIONAL DILEMMA – In this issue we are introducing a new way to address leadership and business challenges: it is a fictional case, that presents an ethical dilemma, frequent in corporations. Three professionals give their comments and perspectives on this case, and we want to encourage you to share with us your own experiences or comments about similar situations.

  • LIM News 67

    OPEN SPACE TECHNOLOGY – Can you imagine a daylong meeting, with a large group, without any motivational speaker not even a facilitator, without a set agenda, where everyone is only working on what he/she has a passion for, where there are no obligations for anyone, where the atmosphere is like a huge coffee break, and where people discuss and share ideas under no pressure

  • LIM News 68

    REFLECTION – We are sharing with you this month a tool that can help you find your way around the paradoxes, with which we have to deal. It is called Reflection.

  • LIM News 74

    INTERACTIONS – This month we address the important topic of human interactions. How are we humans prepared to deal with others? How much do we know, what have we learned about our mechanisms for perceiving, organizing information, making meaning, reacting?

  • LIM News 79

    POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY: CAN IT HELP? – In this issue we introduce Positive Psychology, a relatively new domain of behavioral sciences that focuses on individual well-being.

  • LIM News 80

    GIVING AND ASKING FOR FEEDBACK: A PROCESS TO CONNECT WITH OTHERS – Much has been said and written about feedback, still one of the most needed, and difficult, skills to acquire. Our Brazilian colleague, Boris Drizin, shares his recommendations and tips about giving and seeking feedback.

  • LIM News 81

    STORYTELLING – AN INTERVIEW WITH EXPERT JO TYLER –An interview with Storytelling expert Jo Tyler. She shares with us how storytelling is alive in organizations and how it can help us to better understand their strengths and opportunities.

  • LIM News 113

    TIME FOR LOOKING BACK TO LOOK FORWARD – LIM News EditorIsabel Rimanoczy shares an exercise that can help you in looking back and looking forward.

  • LIM News 83

    INCREASING WORKFORCE ENGAGEMENT: THE NEW FRONTIER– So what keeps individuals engaged with their work? Ernie Turner shares with us some reflections emerging from his experience on this topic.