LIM Programs

High Performing Team Program

trianguloThis program focuses on leadership development in real time, for all team members. Designed in three modules each 2.5 days in length, this program develops high performing teams while the participants work on their real agenda. LIM Learning Coaches provide just in time tools, concepts and practices that are simple yet powerful, and are easily adopted and transferred into the day-to-day workplace.The program is for all types of teams—Boards, project teams, intact, ad hoc, cross-functional, cross-cultural, global, and virtual teams

Key benefits of the program

  • Aligning the team around mission, strategy, values and rewards
  • Solving actual business problems, challenges and opportunities
  • Developing an explicit contract between leader and team members, and among members, regarding roles and responsibilities

Leadership Development Program

trianguloLIM’s Leadership Development Program is a results-oriented leadership development experience in which LIM Learning Coaches provide managers with just in time, professional team coaching while they are working to solve their organization’s most strategic business challenges. LIM coaches and the client co-design the program to meet the organization’s unique developmental needs, and to achieve specific outcomes on the Business, Team, Organizational, Personal and Professional levels.

Key benefits of the program

  • Developing global leadership behaviors and competencies
  • Finding innovative solutions to actual business challenges
  • Learning to work effectively across functional, cultural, geographical and national boundaries

Team Coach Certification Program (TCCP)

trianguloTThe client selects the individuals it wishes to develop as Team Coaches, and, as with all LIM programs, these individuals work in teams on client-selected strategic business challenges. As they do this, an experienced LIM Learning Coach supports and guides them as they learn, practice and receive real-time feedback on how they work to obtain team coaching competencies essential for effective Team Coaches.

Key benefits of the program

  • Understand and appreciate different team members strengths and contributions
  • Raise the level of team effectiveness, engagement, productivity, and performance
  • Experience the satisfaction of working together
  • Become a valuable resource for your team leader and Business Partner

Executive Coaching

trianguloBased on the belief that ongoing personal development and growth require dedicated encouragement and support, LIM provides personal coaching to executives. Our coaches support leaders as they develop a plan for development at multiple levels: Business Organization, Team, Professional and Personal. Executives find this support particularly useful during times of transition and changes in the working context.We have certified Executive Coaches from 16 countries around the world who are able to take on executive coaching assignments where you need them.

Key benefits of the program

  • Identifying both the executive’s strengths and areas for improvement
  • Clarifying roles and relationships that are ambiguous or difficult
  • Receiving objective confidential feedback from a coach outside of the organization
  • Developing a plan for one’s career and one’s legacy