We develop your leaders as they develop your business

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We develop your leaders as they develop your business

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LIM is about helping clients find ways to address their strategic challenges, and to turn problems into opportunities for growth.


LIM offers the four standard individual and team development programs, either as stand-alones, or in combinations.


LIM has a 30+ years history of delivering tangible results for our clients.


An important part of growth is documenting the journey. LIM has published numerous articles and books on the topic of Action Reflection Learning.

Our Unique Methodology

Action Reflection Learning (ARL)® is a unique learning methodology based on powerful learning principles that make the developmental experiences both engaging and relevant.

“Once you have experienced ARL®, training will never be the same because it means you learn while working on your real, current business challenges. That is why we say “We develop your leaders while they develop your business.”

LIM’s core competence is helping leaders and teams become higher performing. We have over 30 years’ experience developing leaders and teams from over 150 companies all over the world. Most of our work is with leadership teams and functional teams helping them share leadership – maximizing the amazing capacity and power within each team.